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All people Young and Older in Every Neighborhood In Our Communities need access to Quality Health and Medical Solutions. 


About 44 million people in this country have NO Health Insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance. This means that nearly one-third of Americans face each day without the security of knowing that, if and when they need it, medical care is available to them and their families. This figure does not include those who have come to the USA and are undocumented immigrants and do not speak English. That is where MyTeleMedicine can be all of these individuals Solution. 

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MyTelemedicine actual member testimonial
Here from Vicky one of members from Florida who not only is a Active Mom, but also always on the go with her corporate job. She explains how MyTelemedicine's services have provided her with a conveni...

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation asked this powerful question in an article it Published: Dec 07, 2018:

Why do people remain uninsured?

Even under the ACA, many uninsured people cite the high cost of insurance as the main reason they lack coverage. In 2017, 45% of uninsured adults said that they remained uninsured because the cost of coverage was too high. Many people do not have access to coverage through a job, and some people, particularly poor adults in states that did not expand Medicaid, remain ineligible for financial assistance for coverage. Some people who are eligible for financial assistance under the ACA may not know they can get help, and undocumented immigrants are ineligible for Medicaid or Marketplace coverage. 

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That is why with MyTeleMedicinean individual will pay $12.95 a month and a Family Household up to 7 people, will pay only $19.95 a month. This is for 24/7 Access to Unlimited Medical Consultations with a Doctor by Video or Phone! No emergency care fee of $350 or an ER visit cost of $1,300. A wonderful and affordable Solution to allow individuals to face each and every day with the security of knowing that, if and when they need it, medical care is available to them and their families. 

Medical Service Solutions For ALL Of Our Families 
Genetic DNA Screenings that test for Hereditary Pre-Cancer Markers and the Dangers of the 4th Leading Cause of Death here in the USA, MEDICATION FAILURE, is vitally important. It saves and preserves peoples lives each and every day. It also helps doctors provide something very, very important, Better Patient Care. Here is a little known fact that many people do not know. These DNA Screenings and test can now be performed within your own doctors offices. If they are not offered during your visit, all you have to do is ask for it. If they do not provide them, just let me know. I will provide them the Solutions they need to help them Provide Even More Better Patient Care. 

6 Million Seniors are hospitalized every month because of medication failure. My parents are witnesses of that fact. Many of us have or had family members that have experienced this also. Sadly, 600,000 of them never make it back home. There is a Solution for this and we recommend you have your PCP, DO or Internist, provide that for you or the Senior in your life you Love, Know or Care About. As a Seasoned Citizen (Senior Adult) we recommend that all Seniors 65 years or older, have a DNA Screening performed to assure them that the medication the doctor prescribes, agrees with their DNA. 

As a Senior Advocate and a Territory Manager of Momentum Medical Servicesmy Mission, Duty and Desire is to make sure every Community Medical Center and Doctors Office has access to the many Medical Service Solutions provided by Momentum. All people young and older in Every Neighborhood In Our Community need access to Qualuty Health and Medical Solutions. MOMENTUM MEDICAL SERVICESPROVIDES THAT.  

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Medicare Approved DNA Testing for Cancer – Steve Savant’s Money, the Name of the Game - Part 2 of 5
Sub Headline: Testing Can Reveal Inherited Propensities for DiseaseSynopsis: Back in March 2018, Medicare approved DNA testing for hereditary cancer. This new testing can be a significant tool for m...

The Health Awareness Campaign that Justice For My Jewel has is a Health Awareness Campaign that every man, lady young or older can be helped with. Want to be Confident, Comfortable and Dry? Click on the link above for more details.

Click HERE to see a webinar hosted by Dr. Kenny Lewis out of Chicago, Illinois. He is sharing information about a Revolutionary Solution that will help the women young and older, in our lives we love, know and care about. If you would like the solution for yourself then go to and purchase the solution you would like for your home or organization. 

Go to JFMJ.ORG to see details about a unique Womens Health Awareness Campaign. This campaign was formed to make women aware of Solutions that will help make or keep them Health Confident, Comfortable and Dry during that very special moment of the month. The great thing about the awareness campaign is that it is not just for women but also for men. After a certain period of time in life, men and women suffer from incontinence. The Jewel Solution found HERE can help provide confidence, comfort and dryness from this for men and women.   

Here is a way you can hear a replay of Dr. Malloy's Testimonial Call that was recorded on Wednesday Morning May 1, 2019. He shares detailed information for men and women about the revolutionary Nobel Peace Prize element that this Solution is infused with. All of the components work together in this Solution to help Women and Men stay Health, Confident, Comfortable and Dry. Dial 605-475-4992 and the Pin is 774506# with the Reference 25297807#.

This link right HERE is a recording of a Powerful Interview with a Womb Therapist that Every Woman or Man who has a Woman in their Life that they Love, know or Care About, Should Listen To.

Life Insurance is for you while you are alive and to leave an inheritance to your loved ones to remember you by. 

Life insurance for yourself is not just for your family to pay off the mortgage, pay for education, and replace your income in case you die soon. It is for You and Your Family if You Live to Long. Everyone should have Life Insurance with Living Benefits. 

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A Story How Life Insurance Brought Peace During a Difficult Time
Can life insurance be used while you are alive? Yes, it truly can. Hear AIG customer Chris Edwards tell his story about his courageous battle with cancer. See how the Quality of Life Term Insurance So...

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