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Life insurance for yourself is not just for your family to pay off the mortgage, pay for education, and replace your income in case you die soon. It is for You and Your Family if You Live to Long. 

Let me ask you these 10 questions:

1. How important is retirement savings to you?.

2. Do you have your retirement savings fully funded and protected to be able to live your current lifestyle or better in retirement? 

3. If you die to soon or live too long, will your family be Enriched or Impoverished?

4. Do you have Solutions already in place for your Business or Family you leave behind when you die?

5. Do you have Personal or Business Debt so vast that you see no way out?

6. As the Owner or Partner of a Business, is there an Executive or Key Employee Benefit Plan in place?

7. Were you taught how to buy Life Insurance or How Money Works when you were in school?

8. If you have children, do you have a Solid Plan that will Provide Funds for them to attend College? 

9. Do you have a Strong Emergency Fund or Retirement Fund that is growing exponentially every year for you?

10. Can You Spend 10 - 15 Minutes with me and together we will see if you qualify for the Kai-Zen or Tri-Zen Solutions?   

Not your granddad’s life insurance

With permanent life insurance, you generally pay a higher initial premium than for term coverage – with good reason. The premium you pay on top of the cost of life insurance coverage and other policy expenses goes into a cash accumulation account, grows generally income tax-deferred5, and can be accessed generally income tax-free6 later in life while keeping your life insurance coverage intact.  Down the road, you’ll be able to tap into the cash value of the policy, generally and use it to help reduce your debt.

Financial planning is about creating future financial options for yourself. Preparing today – when you’re young and healthy – means you’ll be in a better position to weather the storms to come – because it’s not “if,” it’s “when.” With Life Insurance, if something unexpected happens to you, you won’t leave your company, loved ones or family burdened with your debt.

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Health & Wellness             Solutions

The Health Awareness Campaign that Cherish and Wakaya Perfection have is a health campaign that every lady young or older can be helped with. Want to lose weight or Stay Comfortable and Dry? Click on the link above for more details.

There are people all over the country that are turning 65 each and every year. Many of them do not have any idea what to do in reference to Medicare. There are so many options that they can not go  through it all. That is what we do. We help seniors with the information that they need to make an informed decision for themselves. Click HERE for and see how we can help.  


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Remember, it is not just Dental Savings Plans but Medical, and More. At 

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