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Men and Women Health Awareness Campaign, Cause, Mission & Movement

Since Askew Executive Services  Inception back in February of 2009, our main focus has been to help people. Our main focus has not changed. It has just grown from Nationwide Ground Transportation to now also include a Global Health Awareness Campaign and Cause called Now We No. It is a Purpose Driven Mission and Foundation to save the Life of & Preserve the Health of Women Young & Older We Know, Love, & Care About.

The problem

The Solutions

Click HERE to see the Health and Wellness Solutions provided through Cherish and Wakaya Perfection with BulaFit. They are Changing Lives. JOIN US TODAY!!

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Glenda McDougal BulaFIT Testimony
How Your Life Can Be Changed For The Better With One Decision

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Wakaya Perfection Everyday with Ginger & Turmeric
It is used in restaraunts and homes around the world. Why not yours? God for our health.

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Now We No recorded live demo with The Champ Damon Amin Meadows that has Millions of Views exposes the problem and why Nspire is on A Global Mission to Save Lives. Nspire Network is one of the fastest growing home-based projects In The World. Nspire is proud to offer Cherish Pre...

I know it sounds strange coming from a man but Ladies, I am so, so sorry. I truly did not know. I had no idea what you go through, went through or are going through on a monthly basis as Gods vessel to hold, nurture and bring forth life for so many years. Until I saw the video at, I was completely oblivious to what you have to contend with, go through, & are stricken with each & every month. I signed up & joined the mission to help educate more men & expose the problem you have been suffering in silence with. See Health & Wellness Solutions at that can be purchased today to help you.  Why? I'm glad you asked. The reason is you can't put a price on something that has proven itself to keep ladies Pleasantly Comfortable & Confidently Dry. YOU JUST CAN'T! 

For the past 20 years, this technology to keep women young and older Dry and Comfortable has been used successfully in Asia.  It is for the women of the USA. See an 11-year-olds wonderful personal testimony of using Cherish by Nspire at You will be glad you did. 

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Cherish sanitary pads review by a 11 year old
Cherish sanitary napkin review by an 11 year oldLike, share , comment ‼️Contact me or Jonathan Poindexter for more information or to purchase call 602-578-3612.Email @

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